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Diskuse: What is the use of fake diploma?

Fórum: Spolucestování aneb cestovatelská seznamka

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What is the use of fake diploma? |
6.3.2019 03:16 | Reagovat | Sbalit

Another myth busted. The PAP govt had always claim that foreign students studying in our universities are among the brightest in their countries. Now we learned that many had failed in their exams, and they have resorted to buying fake degrees to fool their parents back home. This is the second bombshell dropped, after the revelation that wealthy foreign students who are poor in English, are paying others to write essays for them. Syndicate selling fake Singapore degree certs A SYNDICATE run by Chinese nationals is selling fake degree certificates from three Singapore universities at between RM720 and RM9,600 via the Internet, reported China Press. It added that the certificates are printed in Johor Baru.Searching for a diploma through a web search engine, it is not difficult to find that there are many websites that sell fakes (such as ,, and the advertising words openly say: I hope it (that is, a fake certificate) can help you find your favorite job. China students of the National University of Singapore, Nanyang Polytechnic and Singapore Manage-ment University who fared badly in their examinations are said to have bought the certificates. The newspaper highlighted an agent telling an undercover reporter that he could print certificates for graduate and post-graduate degrees, charging a 20% deposit and promising delivery in two weeks. “Most of those who buy the certificates are from China as they cannot graduate but need to show proof to their parents,” said the graduated from your local High School so why in the world would you have How much fun would it be to watch them try to figure it out? Your authentic looking fake diploma from your High School in Canada is sitting on the wall right next to your real High School diploma from the United States. How about a different graduation year? Tell them that you wanted to improve your High School education. Wanted a better GPA. You wanted to be on the basketball team or Prom King and never got the chance to do that here. Keep it going and keep them wondering how the heck you did that.Make the joke even more confusing by using a bit of Photo Shop on a few pictures. Photo Shop yourself into a group of kids at Prom. Make yourself the King or Queen. How about a nice group photo of that basketball team with yoin the first row showing your best cheesy smile? It only take a few moments to create your own photos on the computer and print them out at your local drugstore. It adds to the joke and makes them wonder if that fake diploma is real or in fact a fake.

What is the use of fake diploma? 6.3.2019 03:16


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