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Nepal-English version 2

Hi,so finally in Nepal,i am very happy to be here.India was amazing as long as i was in mountains,but when i left,all got changed,most mentality of people…so i was just looking forward to go to Nepal. Here people are very nice,friendly,not asking anything(usua­lly)not pushing anything,they like just to talk.kathmandu is place with so many interesting places. First where i came was Tamel,turistic area,and it was so „nice“that very soon i begun to search another place.Tamel is full of tourists,hotel­s,shops,luxury restaurants,and dealers of drugs… I would not recomend to stay here,just for short time maybe. Now i hope i will get possibility to serve in Vipassana centre in kitchen,and after monzun i going to travell,and you can expect amazing pictures of country which i would call paradise…

And one good news…Political situation is getting better,i had joy from news,that communists here(maoists)lost the rigt to collect 30 $ from tourists and village people every month,becouse if poor people could not pay they shoot them of hand them up…


The most interesting part of Kathmandu is i think Hanuman's sguare. It is place full of temples,very old place. Interesting is that budhistic god with sword-it use to be like court.If someone commit some crime,people brought him there,he had to touch the God,and when he lied,he started to vomit blood and after he died. One of the temples is called hippie temple,becouse in 60's there was many hippies smoking hashish. Another interesting place offer possibility to see living God.Small girl,6 yrs old,she is choosen as a God.You can see here twice a day for 3 sec.When she will get firts period she has to leave temple and live with familly,she cannot get marriagge,becouse her husband would die.


It is i think very dominant place of Kathmandu,becouse it is on hill,and it has very special value for Nepali people,it is full of many signs. This temple is hindu-budhistic. Under the temple is gate with many budha's statues and small hindu temples.After there are stairs,365 stairs to temple.Stairs are surended by many small shops and of course many monkeys. Upstairs you have to pay 100 rps entry fee. You can have very nice wiew of city.Also there is budhistic monastery,very nice hindu temple,and many shops.This place has very special athmosphere…


This is very old city,not very touchted by modern is city of tradicional ceramic,wooden carving,and of course temples.It is not in Kathmandu,but in one of the valeys of Kathmandu. There is not so much to say,if you are here,you cannot miss this place.
You haave to pay here 10$.


Patan is in some way a bit similar.It is on perifery of city.Here live more budhists,also you can finds very nice catholic church.

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