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Kerala-English text

After Cochi we went to Sameeksha ashram,we spent here one week.There is not any program,only morning mass.So it was very restfull.Just the end was not very good. We were told we will pay 100 rps for one day,and after the ashram manager said he wants 500 rps for one person.The man who said 100 was just guest.But this is very unfair price in ashram,so I asked on police station if it is legal to charge forigners more,they said not.So we gave them 100 rps and left.Very bad experience. Also in Devine retreat centrum we were not very happy,because it is was charismatic place,and all was really strange for we left,also because the sound was too much,and Lada has top be cafefull with noise. So we decided to take rest on beach and to see backwaters.Very nice place.All villages are connected only by watter chanals,it is like from different world. But we stayed here just two days,the heat was too much here,36 in shadow,and 80 %humidity of air.

From here we went to Kurisumala ashram,it was great experience,I would really recommend to visit it. Asram is in mountain aream,very cool place,monks do most of things by themselves,or with help of villagers.They have 250 cows,80 hec­tares of fileds,so most food came from asram. You can see more on www.kurisumala­.org

From here we went to see mountains Nilgiri,and we spend 2 days in Munar,place full of tea,coffee and spices plants.

And after is already Tamil Nadu,we went difectly to Santivanam,ashram of Bede Grisffites.I will writte more about it after,because it is very interesting place.

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