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An English version of journey 1

Hi,i was thinking that i will be able to manage two blogs,one Czech and another English. But it would take too many time.So i would like to writte something very roughly about all journey,and after i will add something more sometimes, to keep english talking people more inform about journey…

HOW TO OPEN PICTURES IN GALERY If you click on name of city on main page,you will open page with czech text and pictures bellow.You can see only some of them,so if you click on green link bellow pictures where is written-zobrazit vsechny obrazky-celkem xy obrazku-you can open rest of the gallery.Easy.

A journey.(Hungary-Romania-Bulgaria) It started on 15th of march.We went with my friend Lukas by bus to Hungary where we spended 2 days.Very nice city. After we went by train on border of Romania,which we had to pass by walk,becouse it makes price of the ticket cheaper. In Romania we got night train,so in a morning we were in south Romania. We wanted to hitch-hike,and it was very easy.We coutch a track over all Bulgaria.This country has amazing mountains,unfor­tunately i have not a lot of pics.

Turkey We passed a border at night.We don't need visa for Turkey,but there was about 8 places to show passport… After we got track to Istanbul,we got there in a morning. It is amazing city,we spended there 3 days,so many beautifull places. The most of Turkey we were hitch-hikking,just in east part we have to use a small jeeps.It is very poor area,but one day i will go there to travell more.

Iran We had one week visa for Iran,but we have lost lot of time becouse we entered Iran in evening,and after we went to Teheran,and it is not nice city at all.But the rest was amazing.So many nice places,and people there are very friendly,they only cannot speak English. The most beautifull city i would say is Esvahan. We have seen also the remains of place of king,very interesting,it looks a bit simillar with Athens. Iran is very cheap,especialy travelling,becouse they have cheap petrol.500 km cost 5$.

Pakistan It was first shock on journey.Just border.Iranian side nice,clean,luxury-pakistanian-a lot of rubbish,buildings was glad that they are standing,and pass controll did not look like pass controll at all.But it has the beauty in it. I really like Pakistan,all that mess.there is a lot of poverty,especially on south.We did not see so much,becouse i wanted to be already soon in India,so i have seen only 2 places.Queeta and Lahore.lahore is very huge,and it has a lot of sights.

I was very shock by problems between muslims and christians. I went to church,and there was police barier,i had to give my passport and after i could go. In front of the church was army.I did not know why.After church i wanted to go,and people told me that i should be carefull,that i can be attack by muslims,they are beating them,somethimes killing.Church is at the end of city,and only christians can enter.All the time army is protecting them.In other places it is not so bad,but Queeta has a lot of members of Alkaida,so there is it much worste.

India. Amritsar.(Pun­jab)This is holly place of Sikh's religi­on.There is golden temple with remains of guru Nanak,the founder of religion.Very nice temple,you can stay there for free,just pay by donation. After we moved to Sultanpur,another important place for sikhs.Lukas stayed there one week,i was a few days in delhi,to visit my friend Anju,i was in tibetian community,also very nice place.

Himacal prahesh-After we moved to Himacal pradesh,we went to Shimla,capital of state,and soon we arrived to Nagar,nice village in mountains.Lukas stayed there for 2 months,he really enjoyed it there,maybe he is still there,he is in habit of not replaying on e-mails or sms,so i don't know.So another travelling is without him.

After i went to Dharamsala,amazing place,tibetian community,exil place for H.H.Dalajlama. I was there quitte long time,doing vipassana course also.I met there my friend Anju,on course and we have decided to go togeteher to Kashmir and Ladak.

Kashmir.We went to Srinagar,this is capital.Place famous becouse of many houseboats.We found one nice,and spended there about one week,also doing small travelling around. The most beautifull place is Sonamarg with mountain Tajiwad. Kashmir is amazing place,people are very friendly,maybe too much on bussiness,but they are muslims,and nearly every muslim is bussinessman.

Ladak-Ladak is still part of Kashmir,but is completely use to be part of Tibet,so the culture is very similar. nature is most desert,and everywhere are montains. Traveling is quite hard there,especially if you go from Srinagar,the quallity of roads is very bad.It takes 2 days,and it is only 350 km. Ladak is very very special.Very clean country,and very original-on vilage you won't find anything modern,no advertisment,et­c.Just capital city Leh is different,but still very original. We were living in one family. People go there ussually for tracking,i did not do any,becouse i did not feel in good condition,and there must be so hard to breath.Most places are in atitude of 18000 f.Leh is only 12000 and i had problem to walk up the stairs. So we have seen at least a few monastries,also the one where should be some papers about Issa,man who should be Jesus.I did a small searching,and i thing there is very low possibility that it can be true.There is book-Jesus lived in India,and local lama from Hemis monastery said all opositte of what says book.

After ladakh we went back to Himacal pradesh a spended a few days in Manali-village called Vaishisth,which is much more interesting than Manali,expecially becouse of hot spring,very healing. After that we went to to Shimla,also with Olivia,one spanish girl,there Anju left us,becouse she had to go on vedding near by Shimla,and me and Olivia went to Haridwar by nigh buss.

Haridwar-one of holly places of India,city on Ganga,with huge monument of Shiva.We were there only two days and after we went to Rishikesh.I think in Haridwar is interesting only the gath for taking bath,i have tried to take bath also,good experience.The river is very strong and fast,you have to keep yourself for chain,and it is very powerfull to be in fast watter.But unforcunattely my sins are still with me, so i have not perhaps proper faith. :)

Rishikesh City popular mainly becouse of yoga,even the Beatles had here ashram and guru,today it is ruin only. In main season here is plenty people doing yoga,and all the time lot of sadhus-holly men,which are not holly at all. I did not know that it is so bad with them.I think thouse who meditate are in mountain.Thise ones only smoke hasish,even cokain,brown sugar,there are dealers,they are fighting between themselves,and 2 weeks ago two girls had been killed by sadhus. Priest in church told me that in India is law,that if u become sadhu,nobody can arrest you if you have done some crime,so some of them are just criminals escaping ib front of law. I have spend very nice time,more than 3 weeks,restin­g,cooking,doing yoga,meditati­on.I was in ved niketan ashram,very cheap,very nice people(travelers only-ashram people they dont tell you even hallo) and tomorrow i go to Varanasi.Here will be Siva festival,and 1000s people everywhere… So see you in Varanasi.

Varanasi. People say that who have not seen Varanasi he has not been to India…Maybe it is little bit trueth,becouse this place with Ganga,many ghats,burning ghat is most holly city India for hindu.It has very special atmosphere. Specially the burning ghat,there is 24 hour a day many fires.I cannot imagine how it was before,when widows was supposed to die with husband. Things got changed,but not really,1000s women die every year in fire at home like „accident“,their own familly kill them. Or they put them to ashram and they spend rest of life,even if it was only promised girl age of five.She canot marry again. More them terrible,if you can,have a look movie The Watter. Varanasi is also city of music,many schools teaching indian music is here. It is very interesting city,but i preffer mountains,so i going to Nepal tomorrow,and after to Kerala.

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