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English version.

So i am again in India… Just this time i had to come by plane, becouse pakistanian embassy refused to give me visa by land. I am going to travell with my friend Lada,but he is comming latter,so i am waiting on him till 6.2. After we are going with Anju to Bombay.She will do vipassana course and me and Lada are going to see one prayer group according „True life in God“ ( based on mesages from Jesus.There should be also ophanage and this is the main what i want to see. After we will do also course vipassana with Lada,and after we are going to Goa for a while and after to Nilgiri mountains where Anju wants to apply for job as a teacher in very good school. And after we want to go to Kerala which is our aim for this journey,becouse there is a lot of interesting places for christian. And perhaps we will get chance to get to Sri lanka and Nepal.But it is not sure yet.

The pics you see are from tibetian comunity,same place i was before,and also Paharganj,polular tourist market in New Delhi.

So i hope you enjoy the journey with us.I am sorry that the English text will be a bit shorter,but it is quitte hard to do all work on blog,and it would take me really too much time. But mainly i want to share pics,and some important points from journey.

DELHI I spend about one week in Delhi,waiting for Lada,and after we went to Mombai with Anju. I am not sure if there is something interesting to writte,becouse i did not visit any special place,i stayed in the same tibetian comunity like last time.I am really fun of big cities,so u can see just a few pics from Old bazar.

Mombai We had only one day in MOmbai,so we have decided to take the tourist tour around the city,but we were not wery happy about the choise they make.Perhaps we did not see all,but they took as to some park,muzeum for kids,and to see one nice wiew,and i think it was all. But it is very nic city,very clean.

Goa From MUmbai we went to Goa,first two days we spend in capital city Panjim.Interesting is Old Goa,full of christian churches. In one are remains of St.Francis Xaver,and in another miracules cross,which was many times weping blood. Goa is place ful of christians,and they are very faithfull,i was very suprised. Latter we went to Arambol beach,and we could see carnival which is made every year by forigners.

Now we are in Kerala,in small christian ashram,so latter i will writte a few words…

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